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What are the benefits of using templates to design a website?

Andy Thorne
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It’s possible to create a new website design quickly, and with the minimum of stress and headaches, if you base your pages on an existing template. The trick is to find the right website template and make it your own.

For an advanced, truly unique and high-functioning website, approaching leading website designers and developers who can innovate with code is worth the investment.

However, it is not the only option. It is possible to individualise website templates – particularly those on WordPress – and still have an excellent online presence. Including having all the SEO, UX (User Experience), lead conversion and secure payment principles covered.

In the right hands, website templates can be personalised to your enterprise and its business goals, and provide scalable digital marketing solutions that grow with you.

This article explores the three main advantages of using WordPress themes and templates, rather than commissioning unique web builds.

1. It saves you money, now and in the future!

Saving money on Website design

If you’re a new starting business with a smaller budget, choosing a website template may be an option for you.

Custom website design comes at a cost, and sometimes out of reach for anyone creating a new website on a budget. Basing your pages on a template cuts out a great deal of the initial programming and the fees charged by developers, which is often the lion’s share of new website costs.

Also, when you find the right template for your business, it should come preloaded with important features, so your design costs reduce too.

A WordPress website design agency can help you to find the perfect theme and template and can then produce effective pages for your business at a highly affordable price. It’s also important to keep in mind that websites based on WordPress update seamlessly and regularly.

Buying a template with updates as part of the deal can save money, and ensure your digital marketing keeps running reliably and free of ‘bugs’.

Keeping to the topic of managing your website costs, bespoke, personalised websites can be tricky to change at a later date. They rely on you commissioning more expert help with amendments and upgrades.

WordPress templates are far simpler to change, and the price point is so attractive you can always commission a completely new website if you need large scale amendments!

2. A great option for those who want a quick website built

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If time is precious to your business then a pre built template is a great option, this helps to reduce development time from your chosen agency.

For many business owner-managers and marketing executives, what seals the deal is the speed with which you can commission a fabulous looking and highly effective website.

Custom website designs can take many weeks. With much to-ing and fro-ing to gain approval for the framework and layout, as well as building in the best website design features for your venture.

Selecting the perfect theme and template cuts the timescale dramatically. Using a WordPress agency for this is the best way to get a website fast, without compromising on its success.

3. Easy setup, packed with features and lots of choices

Website Design and Development template example

Not only does a pre design template reduce development this, this also reduces hours spent on created a bespoke design including typefaces, colours and styles.

Let’s be clear here and reiterate a point made earlier. Website templates – from the right source and in the right hands – can look brilliant and perform well. Not least as with WordPress you get an extensive and inspiring range of options, and with many features of the website design pre-loaded and ready to use.

WordPress templates are not just a basic frame. These are website solutions you can tweak, populate with our own content, and then launch, safe in the knowledge that you have everything you need for an effective online presence.

That includes providing you with access to the most responsive website templates, that function well on any device or browser.

Also, as the choice of templates is so extensive – and creative – in the right hands, you can still have a highly individual well designed website that provides an important competitive advantage.

To test the validity of this, simply Google WordPress templates. You will see a raft of articles on such topics as ‘The top 50 WordPress templates’. This online help is aimed at guiding companies through the thousands of templates available.

In fact, if you were wondering ‘How many WordPress website design templates are there?’, the answer is well over 11,000 options for quick, inexpensive website designs.

Website design templates that work brilliantly

Perhaps the biggest question then is how to maximise on the advantages of using a website design template. It’s a great way to build your own site of course. However, bringing in a WordPress agency with a raft of glowing client testimonials is a wise investment.

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