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Dansaki Branding Process

Andy Thorne
sign design example for restaurant

Dansaki wanted branding which represented their Afro-Caribbean restaurant, whilst feeling modern and elegant. It was important to capture the essence of the culture authentically without relying on cliched imagery.


The research process was crucial for us to gain an in-depth understanding of what Dansaki was looking for to ensure we created something that was in-line with their vision.

mood board for branding process

The client sent a mood board with imagery showing inspiration for colour, style and illustrations. This was used as a starting point for our own research.

During the research phase of the process, we came across this image of African mud cloths. We were immediately inspired by the hand-drawn black patterns on a cream background.

Inspired by the mud cloths, we began to experiment sketching letterforms and shapes.

Once we had an extensive bank of imagery, we started to build our own patterns which inspired the logo concepts.

Initial Concepts

Compiling our research and ideas, we began to explore the possibilities for the branding. We experimented with the composition of shapes to create repeating patterns inspired by celebration and the idea of bringing people together.

The aim of the patterns was to evoke thoughts of movement, excitement and celebration, as well as Afro-Caribbean culture.

Combining different elements, we further developed the patterns for the next stage of the logo development.

Next, we explored the shape and layout of the logo, experimenting with typography and imagery.


As the restaurant is a fusion of African and Caribbean culture, we wanted to incorporate this, representing the individual cultures as well as a combination of the two.

Final Concepts

Once we created the modular square logo, we moved into the final stage of concepts, further exploring the use of colour and pattern to successfully convey Afro-Caribbean culture. 

In the final stage of development, we worked closely with the client and their interior decorators to perfect the combination of patterns and colours, ensuring the branding would work in harmony with the interior decor.

Once we had established the structure and layout of the logo, we moved into the final stage of development, further exploring the combination of colour and patterns to successfully represent Afro-Caribbean culture.

Interior designer's moodboard

We worked closely with the interior designers to ensure harmony across all elements of the brand


Final Branding

The resulting branding is elegant, modern and timeless, inspired by Afro-Caribbean culture, which is depicted through the considered use of colours and patterns.

Main Dansaki logo with alternative version

The main Dansaki logo can be reduced in size to 140px. For legibility and clarity, the simplified logo is used with a minimum size of 60px.

Primary Dansaki brand colours

The final colour palette for the Dansaki branding was carefully decided in collaboration with the client and interior designers.

Dansaki brand typeface

We chose the modern yet timeless typeface Futura to simultaneously compliment and contrast the organic nature of the patterns in the logo.

Dansaki green pattern

Green pattern used within the Dansaki branding.

Dansaki main logo

Final Dansaki logo