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Honored to be Shortlisted for CRO Agency of the Year 2023

Georgina Thorne
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This is a bit of a deviation from our traditional advice blog posts, but we have an opportunity to brag and want to share our excitement at being shortlisted for an award. The prestigious CRO Agency of the Year award at the UK Agency Awards 2023.

I can not express enough how proud I am of our dedicated team and their commitment to achieving outstanding results for our clients and maximizing the potential of their website traffic is exceptional.

Factory Pattern team short for CRO agency awards

We believe curiosity drives success

I truly believe that curiosity is at the heart of our success. By embracing a curious mindset, we question everything and never make assumptions. Our team’s insatiable curiosity drives us to conduct thorough research, test theories, and leverage data to propel our work forward.

Teamwork also plays a huge part in success, not just for us, but for any agency. Over the years, our team has evolved and cultivated a strong bond among departments within our studio.

They actively share their experiences, fostering a collective growth of knowledge and amplifying the impact of their work. This collaborative spirit defines the Factory Pattern way.

Our results speak volumes, not just because of our recent CRO Agency award nomination, but because our team consistently delivers outstanding outcomes for our clients.

The ecommerce landscape is ever-changing, now more than ever. And it’s an exciting time to work in such a dynamic sector.

When we first started, it was hard to measure the value of our work and its impact on our conversion rate optimisation services.

However, with enormous leaps in technology, research, and tracking tools, we now have the fascinating ability to precisely measure our impact on conversion rates, which is massively important to our clients.

As the expectations for results remain high, we firmly believe in delivering exceptional performance and maintaining transparency at Factory Pattern.

We redesign until it works

Doing things differently is what sets us apart. We offer our clients a guarantee: “If we can’t prove it works, then we redesign until it does.” By “works,” we mean that the outcomes of our services align with our client goals, enabling their ecommerce websites to fulfil their growth objectives.

Sometimes, things don’t work as planned, and failure is a part of our journey. However, we embrace failure because it signifies an opportunity to learn and improve. We persistently iterate on our work until it delivers the desired results for our clients.

We understand that this approach carries risks, but we balance those risks with our user experience (UX) approach to digital solutions.

So, when clients choose us as the CRO agency, they gain the assurance that we won’t abandon them if things don’t go according to plan. We stand by our work and remain committed until we achieve the desired outcomes.

Knowledge is Power

Being able to share our knowledge is important to us too and we want more ecommerce store owners to benefit from our expertise, even if they don’t have the budget to work with an agency.

That’s why we share what we know through our blog, free courses, and resources, so ecommerce owners and entrepreneurs can optimise their websites effectively.

As a team that values strong mentorship, we are dedicated to passing on our skills to future experts. We welcome internships and work experience placements every year at Factory Pattern. And, collaborate closely with the University of Gloucestershire, so its students understand the value of UX and CRO.

Not to carry on blowing our trumpet, but our recent Web Excellence Award for the Best Beverage Website marked an important milestone for us earlier this year.

We were immensely proud of this achievement, which highlighted the outstanding collaboration between our team and our client.

As we look ahead, we are excited about the upcoming UK Agency Awards in September and hope that our winning streak continues.