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How to find the right website design agency

Andy Thorne
How to find the right website design agency

The only source of knowledge is experience. – Albert Einstein.
Finding the right website design agency is key to achieving the most out of your money. Each agency work in their own individual way so finding the one that suits you best will help the process become more enjoyable. Below are 8 top tips to consider when researching into design agencies.

Remember it’s easy to research website design techniques these days, or cobble together an “okay” result using readily available templates. You could end up with a “shop front” that looks good. However, will it get your customers to your door, through your door and then interacting with you? In other words, anyone can design a website, but it takes expertise and experience to design a website that WORKS!

intensive research will give you the results you vision. So, how can you find the best website design agency to match your goals, and be sure of a good return on your investment?

Relevant experience

It pays to find a web design company that has an authentic track record for producing eye-catching sites that perform brilliantly. This can mean not only asking to see an agency’s portfolio, but also requesting client testimonials, or even the contact details of someone willing to give them a reference!

Get your website brief on point

Make sure the brief is written to your specifications, dont miss out finer details.

The next step to finding a great website design agency – and one that gets the results you want – is to have a very clear idea of what you are looking for! It’s the only way to truly compare “like with like” when you invite and consider website proposals.

Agencies word their service offering differently. If in doubt, clarify, to make sure that the design features and web functions they offer are relevant to you.

Ensure you get a comprehensive brief

Having a comprehensive brief ensures that the prospective agencies are genuinely capable of matching your vision and business goals. Otherwise, they could be pitching an off-the-shelf sort of deal that falls short on results or fails to give you a competitive edge.

Look for an empathetic response to your brief

Look for agencies who provide a creative and exciting solution that you understand and can work closely with.

One of the most important attributes of any website design agency is as old as the hills. It’s the ability to “listen”. Well, more accurately, the ability to soak up your brief, and preferably do some of their own initial research too.

You need a website design agency ready and willing to create a digital platform that’s entirely original, matching your specific business needs.

Let’s say you’re not entirely sure about some points your brief could indicate areas where you’re looking for expert guidance and creativity. Take a good look at the proposals from the firms you approach, to see if they plug the gaps with well thought out and genuinely responsive feedback.

If it looks like “boilerplate text” they use in every proposal, are they really ready to work hard for you?


Wrestling with the small print

It’s okay to question the fine print, you need to know the small details in order to fully understand the agency and what they provide.

It’s easy for subcontractors of any kind to promise you the moon! Sometimes, the devil is in the detail. Much of this hinges on the way the agency prices its work. To find the right website agency for your business, drill down on what’s included in fees and whether it’s a value proposition.

For example,

  • Does it include a new domain and hosting?
  • What are the continuing maintenance fees like?
  • Who Uploads content initially and going forward?

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to pitch low price website design for a “shell” and then leave you with lots of work to make it usable! Or, expensive ongoing costs that you’re handcuffed to.

Time is a business commodity

Planning out your project with the agency will help you keep track on development and understanding each step of the process

The timing aspect of your working relationship with the best website design agency can be crucial. This is not just in terms of how quickly they can turn round a new website design. Though getting a feasible timescale for the website launch makes sense of course!

You also need a team that’s responsive to your messages and calls, and that’s able to provide swift support going forwards.

One of the biggest frustrations for online businesses is dealing with inevitable issues, and having a web agency that drags its heels! Lost time equals lost sales and potential customers who never come back.


The finer points of website design

Dont be afraid to speak up and discuss your thoughts on the design process

If you want a website that stands out, attracts leads and then converts them into transactions, enquiries and visits, you need a website agency prepared to get down to nuts and bolts from day one.

If they are simply pitching a site that “looks good”, walk away!

This investment must result in a website that underpins your business success, getting the right results quickly, growing with your business as it develops.

Find a website design agency in your area that has technical insights they’re happy to share, on such vital topics as Search Engine Optimisation, Content Management and information architecture.

However, if they sprout a lot of jargon and overwhelm you with tech-speak, they could be an unwise choice!


Relationships matter

The relationship you have with a design agency can change the dynamic of the process, it’s okay to be specific with your choice.

Which leads to the most important part of how to choose a website design agency – a good relationship. Not only does it need to be a team of people who are approachable, responsive and easy to talk to. It also needs to be a group of professionals who understand how vital your relationship is with your target customers!

The agency should be passionate about giving you a website that makes all the right connections, and genuinely grows your business.