wordcamp / Hubspot Website Design – We Analyse & Identify Their Secrets

Hubspot Website Design – We Analyse & Identify Their Secrets

Andy Thorne
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At Factory Pattern, we use HubSpot’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool to communicate effectively with clients and manage our sales process. Not only do HubSpot provide a fantastic suite of sales and marketing tools, but they also run very successful marketing campaigns, backed up by an engaging and highly converting (I expect) website.

In this article we’ve identified HubSpot’s secret (user experience – UX) sauce, and how they’ve used it to drive conversions straight from their homepage.

In particular there are 5 key features (listed below) on the homepage which explain how they deliver a very persuasive and highly converting experience.

  1. Hero
  2. Product tour
  3. Credibility
  4. Final call to action
  5. ‘Hub bot’

1. Hero

HubSpot home hero page

We all want to find out how we can grow our business, Hubspot have instantly engaged all users.

The hero image at the top of the page is a concise and engaging introduction to what is quite a complex product.

Strong value proposition

The well crafted value proposition (‘There’s a better way to grow’) hits the pain point of their potential users and also entices you to want to find out more. After all, who doesn’t want to grow their business?

The immediate call to action above the fold includes the word ‘Free’. Use of the word ‘Free’ is super powerful because it reduces friction right from the ‘off’. Therefore, users are more likely to try out the product if it’s free.

‘Free’ is also repeated underneath in the little annotation which backups the main call to action. Not only is it a good idea to hammer the word free, the little annotation allows HubSpot to further explain what to expect, without cluttering the website design.

The strong value proposition and call to action are very well balanced with an illustration that not only matches the messaging, but illustrated both business growth, and the type of businesses that can use HubSpot… Visual Gold!

We’re reminded that whether you’re a small or multinational business HubSpot can be successful for you. What a hero (image)!

2. Product Tour

HubSpot product tour

HubSpot have illustrated their individual products to help users understand their specific uses.

HubSpots product tour is short, snappy and incredibly persuasive; briefly explaining the main product (HubSpot CRM) and how the 3 additional tools work with it.

HubSpot CRM (main product)

  1. Marketing Hub
  2. Sales Hub
  3. Service Hub

Each individual tool comes with its own identity, which is coherent with the style of the main illustration. Through the use of bulleted lists and 1 sentence explainers, each product can be immediately understand, making the decision to sign up much quicker.

Get started

We are reminded 4 times amongst the call to actions to ‘Get started’ on each product, telling us what we need to do next. It seems really obvious, but you should always guide people into the next step. Therefore, ‘Get started’ adds the layers of urgency and next steps that users need in order to go forth and signup.

3. Credibility

HubSpot credibility

7 Million HubSpot blog visits and 2.6 Million social followers – HubSpot are storming the market.

Scrolling further down the home page, HubSpot give you over 200,000 reasons to trust them! Gaining your visitors trust is hard, but by showing credibility, you’re highly likely to prove to them that you are the one for them.

HubSpots credibility knows no bounds, for example:

7Million+ HubSpot monthly blog visits
over 200,000 Certified professionals via HubSpot academy
And much, much more…

There’s a huge bank of knowledge and real community of people using the software. Have we been reassured that HubSpot are really helping my business grow? Yes is the answer.

With over 68,800 customers in over 100 countries, Factory Pattern being one of those. We feel a part of this software community who are striving to grow and succeed.

HubSpot credibility brands

HubSpot have some big named clients, why wouldn’t we join?

This is also backed up by a list of logos so that we can see the big name businesses that are using HubSpot. Well, if successful businesses like Subaru are using HubSpot then why wouldn’t we?

4. Final call to action

HubSpot stagff

Consistency is key here and HubSpot have kept this throughout their homepage scroll.

When you reach the bottom of the homepage you are met with a lovely smiley face. This adds a real human element to the site and another layer of reassurance. The only thing I would say about this though, is that I don’t know if this person is part of the HubSpot team or a happy client.

One thing that could help make this section of the page even more effective would be to give the person some context by simply adding a name and title under the image to let us know who they are.

And if the image showed the person looking in the direction of the call to action, I would naturally follow their eyes and be guided in the direction they wanted me to go.

Again we are reminded that HubSpot is free. As you scroll through the page you are never far away from being able to sign up. Consistency is key here and HubSpot have provided us with this from beginning to end.

5. Hub bot – Online chat

HubSpot chatbot

The chatbot offers a great way to engage your users and quickly answer any questions they might have with automated responses.

Chatbots pop up on most websites these days, but if you’re not careful they can be a bit annoying.

HubSpot have got the balance right on their homepage. The chatbot is prominent on the page in the bottom left corner, but not so big it covers up too much of the page content.

The chatbot offers a great way to engage your users and quickly answer any questions they might have with automated responses.

And if you don’t want to use the chatbot you can close it down to an even small icon.

The role of a chatbot is to offer additional support to your visitors when they need it. What you want to avoid is the chatbot function taking over the page and the user having no control over it.

Final Thoughts

Through a very persuasive and highly converting experience, HubSpot have successfully convinced me to invest into their software to help grow my business.

So, what’s the secret to their success?

They built trust around facts and statistics, shared reliable, helpful information that grabs keeps you on the page and designed a friendly, approachable user experience.

And you can use the same to make your website more effective at converting your visitors to paying customers.