World Book Day / Most Effective UX Trends That Actually Help Your Website

Most Effective UX Trends That Actually Help Your Website

Andy Thorne
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Getting to grips with the behaviours of your website visitors is vital. With expert help, you can also dig down on the logic and emotion behind that behaviour. We’ve looked at the significance and methodology of UX in other blogs.

User experience (UX) is no longer simply how your website performs, and how readily your visitors engage with it. In the right hands, UX research provides a broad range of information about your customer expectations, reactions, pressure points and motivations. All highly valuable insights!

Here, let’s investigate 5 new UX trends that make your website more effective and boost UX.

1. Less is more

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Less is more, this is all about making sure your brand identity, USPs and calls to actions are clear on your website.

Gone are the days when web designers felt creatively obliged to develop multimedia showcases; and built pages that enabled clients to cram in as much content as possible.

There’s been a huge swing towards stripped-down websites, that include ‘just enough’ to grab and hold attention, and guide visitors to a positive response.

It’s about making your brand identity, USPs and calls to action shine out, loud and clear, dispensing with lots of whistles and bells. That largely comes from keeping content fresh, simple and surrounded by strategic white space.

2. Web Animation

That’s not to say that 2019 was all about parring down websites to more simplistic deal-clinching features.

This year also saw animation such as GIFs, explainer videos and moving infographics take off.

Imagery is vitally important to the success of any form of digital marketing. Consumers particularly love moving imagery that informs and entertains. If you can encapsulate such things as brand values and benefits, promotions and compelling reasons to buy into a short piece of animation, go for it!

3. Chatting with bots

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A website that engages with visitors and provides personalised responses is bound to be a success in regards to UX.

2019 has also seen new levels of adoption of chatbot technology, for live or semi-live conversations within websites.

Apart from short attention spans, modern consumers also have a strong desire to be treated as individuals. One of the best ways to personalise your website and boost UX is to introduce software that makes it interactive and highly responsive.

In some case, this is automated responses to customer questions and feedback, that suggests products or pages for them to look at for instance. The more advanced machine-learning technology can switch from automated replies to LIVE Chat set-ups, to put customers through to a call centre when human responses are needed.

Either way, a website that gives visitors a voice and personalised responses is bound to pick up UX traction.

4. Voice commands

Android phone with a voice command

Voice command is vast becoming something of the everyday life. We thought Alexa was clever, wait until you find out websites are incorporating voice command technology into their website, watch this space.

Talking of voices (see what we did there) website designers are also beginning to play around with an even more exciting technological development.

Increasingly, people are interacting with the internet not through keyboards, but via voice commands.

Do you remember how innovative it was when you could click on a website’s ‘call us’ button to dial-up seamlessly? That’s now seriously old hat!

Website designs are increasing built to respond to verbal interaction, and to enable visitors to carry out actions simply by asking.

Miss the trend, lose customers

These are just some of the ways that website design and its impact on user experience are changing. It makes a static, stale or overly complex website look like it belongs in a museum!

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