planning / Set up a WooCommerce minimum order value (whilst ignoring certain products)

Set up a WooCommerce minimum order value (whilst ignoring certain products)

Andy Thorne
Set up a WooCommerce minimum order value (whilst ignoring certain products)

Our client needed minimum order value in a WooCommerce cart of £10 for all products. It didn’t matter how many products there were in the cart, the minimum total needed to be a minimum of £10 (before delivery).

However, they wanted 2 certain products to ignore this rule.

The solution – a WooCommerce minimum order value which can ignore certain products

We’re using WooCommerce and have installed a handy plugin (by Vartech) called Minimum Purchase for WooCommerce. There is a free version of the plugin but it’s the PRO (paid for) version that we’ve used in our example.

The Minimum Purchase for WooCommerce plugin helps with minimum order totals but there’s a very specific setup you’ll need to tackle the problem of ignoring the rule for specific products. So, here goes…

How to set up Minimum Purchase

1. Install Minimum Purchase for WooCommerce

Install a free version of the plugin Minimum Purchase for WooCommerce, then follow these instructions:

  1. Setup your Minimum Purchase Rules
  2. When you’ve installed the plugin, you’ll get a new menu item called ‘Minimum Purchase Rules’
    Minimum Purchase Rules Plugin
  3. Setup Minimum Purchase Categories
  4. First, go to ‘Minimum Purchase Categories’ and setup 2 categories
    Setup woocommerce Minimum Purchase Categories
    One category will be for all products and the other category will be for products that need an additional rule applied – in this case our products need to ignore the rule when they’re sold on their own

2. Add your first (default) Minimum Purchase Rule

  1. Choose ‘Add new’ from the sub-menu
  2. Give your default Minimum Purchase Rule a name e.g. ‘Minimum order on products’
  3. Under ‘Select Search Type’ choose ‘Use Selection Groups’ – this allows you to choose the products you want to apply the rule to
    Setup Minimum Purchase Order Rules
  4. Ignore ‘Product categories’ and choose the first category you added from the ‘Minimum Purchase Categories’ box. In our case we choose ‘Minimum Purchase Category’ as this is our default category applied to all products
  5. Next, decide how the rule is applied to the search results
  6. Choose ‘*All* in the population’ – this option looks at all the products in your cart and adds all the quantities and/or price across all relevant products in the cart
    Choose Rule Application method
  7. And finally, in the ‘Quantity or Price minimum ammount’ choose ‘Apply to price’
  8. Enter the minimum cart value in the Minimum Amount field. In our case we choose 10 (£10)
    Quantity or price amount
  9. To finish click the blue publish button

3. Add a second Minimum Purchase Rule

  1. Follow all the instructions above but with the following exceptions:
  2. Choose the second category you setup ‘Ignore min purchase rule’
    Ignore purchase rule
  3. In the ‘Quantity or Price minimum amount’ enter 1 in the ‘Minimum amount’ field
    Minimum price
  4. Click the blue publish button to setup the rule

4. Apply your minimum purchase rules to products

To get your minimum purchase rules to work, follow the below instructions.

  1. Go to ‘Products’, select all products, tick all products and choose ‘Edit’ from the bulk actions dropdown menu. Click ‘Apply’
    Bulk edit WooCommerce Products
  2. When bulk editing is applied, tick ‘Minimum Purchase Rule’ and click update. This will apply the minimum purchase rule to all products
    Bulk edit Minimum purchase rule
  3. Once you’ve done this, the next thing to do is to add the ‘ignore minimum purchase rule’ to specific products

5. And finally, add the ‘ignore minimum purchase rule’ to specific products

  1. Go to the product(s) that you want to apply the ignore minimum purchase rule to
  2. Edit the product
  3. Look for the box labelled ‘Minimum Purchase Categories’ and tick the category ‘Ignore min purchase rule’ plus the Minimum Purchase Category’
    Ignore minimum purchase rule
  4. Click the blue update button and you’re done!

You should now have a WooCommerce cart with a minimum purchase applied and the ability to ignore the minimum purchase on certain products.

For making this possible, I want to give 2 huge credits too…

  1. WooCommerce
  2. and more specifically Vartech for creating such a brilliant Minimum Purchase for WooCommerce Plugin (thanks Mark).

Any questions, just comment below. Have fun!

P.s. Vartech have amazing support. When I got stuck, Mark jumped on a Skype call to help me out!

Bonus: Using Minimum Purchase for specific User Roles

To only allow minimum orders for specific user roles, follow the steps above in the same way, then…

1. Assign to selection group

Go to Minimum Purchase Rules > The rule you just created. Within the “Cart Search Criteria” section here, go to Membership List by Role and filter by the user role you’d like (if you leave this blank, then the rule will be applied to all users by default.

Membership list by role screenshot.