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The Benefits of TikTok for Business

Andy Thorne
The Benefits of Tiktok for Business

With over 1 billion users worldwide on TikTok, this popular social media marketing platform, with its potential for vast exposure, has been catching the eye of many business-minded brains.

Although many dismiss TikTok for being focused on a younger audience, the platform is growing at a rapid rate as marketers are seeing the benefits of TikTok for business, (the 60-second video limit is great for reeling in those short attention spans).

If your target audience isn’t on there yet, it probably will be soon.

Here we outline the benefits of TikTok for business, and why so many brands are opting to use this as an effective marketing strategy.

How is TikTok different to other platforms?

Influencer opportunities

With the potential to reach so many people so quickly, it’s no wonder that TikTok is already a hub for influencers.

Many businesses are jumping on the bandwagon and partnering with influencers to promote their products and services for a small fee. Influencer marketing for ecommerce businesses can help to expand the reach of their business to a wider audience, all whilst showing support to a smaller creator.

This strategy is an excellent option for those who do not have the time to create a video advertising campaign or to create a TikTok account of their own.

More creative opportunities

Whilst there is certainly a place for informative videos, TikTok is centred primarily around creativity and entertainment. This makes TikTok an excellent opportunity to convey your brand voice and to make your business feel more accessible to your target audience.

Your ecommerce social media plan needs to stand out on users’ feeds, and TikTok provides the creative opportunity to do so.

For example, trends make it easy to create new content quickly by adding a brand topical twist to an already popular dance or song, our sound. Most trends are highly versatile and quick to duplicate due to the 60-second video length limit, making it possible to repurpose old content with a creative and entertaining spin.

Easy conversation and audience connection

Screenshot of TikTok videos

TikTok is the ideal platform for user participation, with many users replying to comments in video form as well as duets.

TikTok is great for audience participation, another reason you should use TikTok for business.

Many users reply publicly to comments in video form, making it a perfect platform for starting conversations about your brand or product or addressing any frequent queries. You can also ‘duet’ other people’s videos if they interest you, to bring even more users into the conversation.

TikTok also has the capability for users to stream live to your followers, to answer their questions in real-time. Another way to start conversations about your product is to use branded hashtag challenges or to challenge viewers to try out your products in different ways.

The more fun and creative this is, the easier it will be to get a conversation going.

Versatile ad formats

TikTok for business ad formats

TikTok for business offers several ad formats depending on your marketing goals.

TikTok has several ad formats depending on how you wish to communicate with your audience.

There are several different full-screen formats; TopView Ads allow you a full 60 seconds of video with the potential to add links to your website, Brand Takeover Ads are similar to unskippable YouTube ads but offer the least interaction. Whereas, the shorter In-Feed Ads appear as normal videos on users for-you page, allowing people to like, comment and share.

For more creativity and audience interaction, Branded Hashtag Challenges encourage people to create their own content around a theme that you set. Whilst Branded Lenses use augmented reality (think Snapchat filters or 3D objects) to give your business or logo a widespread visual familiarity.

Will you use TikTok for business?

TikTok is an incredibly versatile platform, which means there are many different ways to fit it into your marketing strategy.

Creating and growing your own account is a good way to start without spending any money and is relatively simple to do. Using popular effects in your posts, following trends, posting often and using brand-related hashtags, are great ways to gain traction and interest in your business.

Remember, the chances are that if your audience is not using TikTok yet, with such a rapid growth rate, they probably will be soon. Alternatively, making use of TikTok’s rapidly growing hub of influencers to promote your products, or using TikTok challenges or Ads, can really help brands to reach a wider audience.

The benefits of using TikTok for business are the widespread reach due to the increasing popularity of the app.

With a central focus on creativity, fun, and versatile marketing possibilities, TikTok can increase interaction and understanding between your brand and your target audience.