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What to look for in an ecommerce web agency

Andy Thorne
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Building or growing a successful online retail business depends on getting your website ‘spot on’. This guide on what to look for in an ecommerce web agency can make that happen.

In its simplest form, finding the best ecommerce website developers comes down to two things. Doing an initial sweep of creative web designers with experience in this sector and then knowing what questions to ask your shortlist of candidates.

This guide to choosing an ecommerce web agency provides you with important insights on both of these stages in your search. It will enable you to find a company with the right credentials, but also ecommerce site designers with the right attitude and level of commitment.

Why is ‘attitude’ important? Your chosen creative team must want your business to be a success, almost as much as you do!

It is this intangible passion for their craft that will provide you with an ecommerce web agency that helps you stand out from your competitors. Generating strong internet traffic to your pages and helping you to convert leads into buoyant sales figures.

Here are some areas to focus on when considering an ecommerce web agency.

Experience and knowledge of your industry

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The best ecommerce web agencies understand the mechanics involved to build strong lead conversion.

There are highly creative web agencies that can provide a raft of examples of sites that look superb. Keep in mind that this sort of portfolio can be superficial, as site aesthetics are just part of the formula for ecommerce success.

The best design agencies for online retail websites understand the mechanics of ecommerce too, the nuts and bolts that build strong lead conversion.

For example, Factory Pattern has worked closely with many ecommerce businesses on building advanced functionality. As well as page designs that offer excellent ecommerce SEO and UX, to boost sales in everything from natural skincare products to industrial safety equipment!

It is this sort of experience and knowledge you need evidence of. The ability to achieve qualitative and quantitative success in ecommerce support.

Putting customers first

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Research the ecommerce web agency to make sure they have a good reputation.

This follows on from the above, as it involves digging down on how transparent and accountable each ecommerce web agency is. You may find some ‘big up’ glamorous sites with hefty price tags. When something simpler and more business-orientated would achieve your goals more effectively.

Make sure your agency has a reputation for down-to-earth advice and honest pricing, as well as creative thinking.

As an illustration, Factory Pattern’s process as a recommended ecommerce web agency starts with a 30 minute ‘Discovery’ call. This is a free consultation for online retailers, so we can understand their goals and create a proper brief.

That way, our quotes for ecommerce websites can be entirely bespoke and synergistic rather than ‘off the shelf’ or a money-spinner for us.

How does the agency protect revenue and ROI?

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You will of course want a strong return-on-investment, so remember to check what key performance indicators the agency will track.

Once you have an ecommerce web agency in mind, you need to push them for key performance indicators.

This primarily involves looking at the price quoted for developing your online store, compared to the likely sales outcomes. Does their forecast suggest you will get a strong ROI (return on investment)?

The way Factory Pattern works is to include within our quote a clear set of KPIs, and a road map for how we will achieve them. This enables prospective clients to have confidence that their business goals are achievable, and that the cost charged by their ecommerce web agency is balanced against likely sales projections.

How does the ecommerce web agency track metrics?

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You will benefit from receiving a regular analysis of site performance in an easy-to-digest format.

The next big question to whittle down creative teams is how they intend to measure the performance of your website against the agreed KPIs.

Having a plan and a cost structure for an ecommerce website is great, but you also need a system to monitor and evaluate outcomes. Especially as changes and upgrades may be needed to keep your online store on track for success.

How does Factory Pattern answer this one?

Our strategy as a leading ecommerce web agency is to provide a drilled down analysis of site performance. We supply this to clients in an easy to digest monthly KPI report. You can see at a glance how your site is performing.

Also, we are a solutions-led team. Rather than coming to clients with problems from ecommerce site performance, we offer insights on the best ways to implement improvements and upgrades.

Partnership and communication with an ecommerce web agency

There is more on our client-relationship process elsewhere on this website.

However, what we hope we have shown is that we don’t simply build ecommerce websites. We help build ecommerce businesses!

That’s because we invest in your success, and help you to find the best ways to create sustainable and profitable growth.