SEO / 5 misconceptions about working with an eCommerce SEO agency

5 misconceptions about working with an eCommerce SEO agency

Andy Thorne
5 misconceptions about working with an eCommerce SEO agency

SEO is not marketing ‘dark arts’, designed to cheat Google algorithms. Nor is it a dazzling, jargon-packed process that comes with a hefty price tag. Here, we kill myths about eCommerce SEO agencies.

The ultimate goal is simple to explain. When you find the right SEO agency you benefit from well-orchestrated and entirely legitimate activities that earn your web pages a high ranking in search results.

That also means you enjoy a good Return on Investment from using an eCommerce agency that does things properly. As well as optimising the money spent on your initial website design and build.

That all sounds straightforward.

However, unfortunately, there are lingering misconceptions about working with an eCommerce SEO agency.

We explore questions linked to SEO myths, to put you straight on these vital topics.

Do eCommerce SEO agencies manipulate Google algorithms?

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‘Black hat SEO’ is a smoke and mirrors approach to tricking Google bots

At one time, it was possible (and popular) to find quick SEO cheats. This is sometimes referred to as ‘black hat SEO’, as it was a smoke and mirrors approach to convincing Google bots that your page is of value. It largely relied on creating a network of artificial page links, including ones leading to fake websites that were ‘link warehouses’.

As you may imagine, Google quickly got wise to this, and over time has released search engine updates that block all manipulative practices. Now, any eCommerce SEO agency worth its salt knows the basic steps needed to boost a page’s position in search results.

Can you guarantee high rankings in searches?

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There’s no magic bullet when it comes to ranking on Google

Though the best eCommerce SEO agencies know what Google algorithms are looking for – and the value placed on different elements of web design – that doesn’t mean they have some sort of ‘magic bullet’!

SEO is a complex and ever-shifting process.

Any agency that guarantees you the top spot in search results is either over-ambitious or duplicitous.

SEO is a complex and ever-shifting process. What you need is authentic SEO advice and services, from an eCommerce specialist who offers a consistently high position in search results. That’s an achievable goal.

Do you need to cover every possible keyword in your SEO?

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Avoid keyword stuffing as it can be a red flag for Google

Knowing the keywords that connect you to what your customers search for is crucial to good SEO and steady lead generation. However, if an eCommerce SEO agency encourages you to do any form of keyword stuffing, run.

Using too many keywords, or using them artificially and clumsily, will actually be a red flag to Google, potentially lowering your page ranking.

A good SEO strategy for eCommerce businesses is one focusing on strong keywords used wisely and well. That’s what the algorithms are now looking for.

Can SEO be a one-time deal or a quick fix for page rankings success?

illustration of SEO being a long-term process

SEO is a journey, not a destination

This is another all too common misconception when using eCommerce SEO agencies. They present you with a wonderful sounding plan and a high upfront cost, and companies fall into the trap of things this will earn them search results success for a long time to come.

If only it was that easy!

SEO is a journey, not a destination.

Not just because your products or services may change, but because the thought processes and behaviours of your users will shift and alter. Then, you need to factor in Google algorithm updates and the SEO activities of your competitors.

The best SEO agency for online retailers is one that constantly analyses and updates your website’s performance and ‘searchability’ factors.

Website architecture alone creates strong SEO, right?

This is most definitely wrong! It links to the above, as eCommerce site design companies sometimes promise web development with SEO built-in.

Yes, your website build does need to keep SEO firmly in mind. However, there’s a popular expression you need to remember – Content is King!

Good content helps you to meet many of the priorities outlined above. Constantly refreshed content, that weaves in keywords naturally and which is rated highly by Google, is vital to achieving success and consistency in SEO.

Don’t get let down by poor SEO; get your page ranking lifted

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Finding a genuine, reliable, and honest eCommerce SEO expert needn’t be difficult…

Having tackled some of the worst misconceptions about eCommerce SEO agencies, you can see that many are created by providers who make overinflated or empty promises. Or clients bamboozled by how SEO works.

One last myth we want to dispel is that finding a genuine, reliable and honest eCommerce SEO expert is hard.

In fact, it simply takes one call – to Factory Pattern!