User Experience / 5 steps to increase your eCommerce conversion rate

5 steps to increase your eCommerce conversion rate

Andy Thorne
5 steps to increase your eCommerce conversion rate

Ecommerce is leading the way in how we sell products. However, you may find that your eCommerce conversion rate is not what you want to be.

Here we will explore five steps to improve your eCommerce conversion rate.

Where to begin

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Continuous optimisation and improvement of your site will help increase your ecommerce conversion rate.

In order to start increasing your eCommerce conversion rate, you must think about how you can optimise and improve your website.

This is not something that can be done once and then forgotten about – it is a continuous and ongoing process that should help to increase your eCommerce conversion rate.

Increasing your eCommerce conversion rate takes time, with results varying wildly across the board, so patience is a real virtue.

First, you must understand what your average eCommerce conversion rate is and what the industry average is to compare. If your rate seems to be below average, the following steps may help you increase your eCommerce conversion rate.

Increase product discoverability

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Simplify your website design to help users find your products.

Here is a simple fact about eCommerce and shopping in general – it is impossible for customers to purchase products that they cannot see. Your products shouldn’t be hard to find –  hidden behind lots of links and barriers.

Simplify your website by making the design a little sleeker and more minimalist and creating clear product categories and links that allow your customers to see the products they want.

This simple step will immediately increase the likelihood of more sales rolling in.

Improve the UX of the checkout process

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Provide your users with a frictionless checkout experience.

User experience (UX) is surely something you have considered in great detail, but did you know that it can be a main contributor to a loss of sales?

Say a customer has found the product they want and clicked through to the checkout in order to make their purchase – but find the checkout process confusing, difficult, or just laden with too much required information.

This level of friction can cause a user to abandon their basket or cart.

Streamlining the checkout process to improve the UX is another fairly simple way to improve the customer journey while also giving you a better chance of making those all-important sales.

Conduct A/B tests to optimise landing pages

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Constantly A/B test elements on your website to optimise it.

Constantly conducting A/B tests can help you to find areas where your website is not optimised.

This is especially vital for landing pages, as this is where you will need to have strong SEO and excellent images. This means removing distractions and providing visitors with clarity and easy navigation – encouraging them to dig deeper and explore your site more fully.

Use high-quality images/videos on product pages

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Ensure the images and videos used on your website are of high quality.

Have you ever visited a website with a product or service you desperately want or need – but have been put off by fuzzy and distorted images in low definition, and videos with patchy sound and glitchy movements?

This can make a site seem unprofessional and less reliable. Most people only want to purchase products from sources that they can trust.

One way to improve this is by improving the quality of images and videos on your product pages. Not only does this mean that people can clearly see the products, but they will feel more likely to trust your company.

Tactical use of promotions like free delivery and coupon codes

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Use promotions like free delivery and coupon codes tactically.

Everyone loves a freebie!

It can be tempting, especially as a new retailer, to offer your potential customers the world. However, it is much savvier if you use things like free delivery, coupon codes, and other promotions tactically.

Offering coupon codes for those who have entered their details and abandoned their basket could help to encourage them to complete their purchase, while free delivery over a certain spend threshold can help those big-ticket sales go through.

To conclude

Increasing your eCommerce conversion rate may seem like a never-ending process – and in many ways, it is! Whether you use tactical promotions or continuously look to improve your customer experience, you may feel as though the increase you hope for never happens quickly enough.

The truth is that increasing your eCommerce conversion rate takes time, with results varying wildly across the board, so patience is a real virtue.

If you follow the above steps and carefully curate a beautiful site with great products, then improvements should happen over time. For more help with improving your UX and other elements of website management and design, get in touch with Factory Pattern to find out how we can best support your eCommerce site.