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7 SEO Facts You Need To See

Andy Thorne
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The term ‘search engine optimisation’ is often discussed but still widely misunderstood. Even some SEO agencies don’t fully grasp its potential. To give you a flavour, here are interesting and fun  seo facts that you need to see.

Digital marketing – just like the technology that underpins it – never stands still. There are always new opportunities and obstacles emerging, that can help or hinder your business growth. Even the much-discussed field of SEO is constantly advancing.

That includes growth in its value to your business. More people than ever are now using searches to locate local companies and to help them with their buying decisions.

In fact, in a two year period, mobile searches for something “near me today/tonight” increased by 900%!

To give you insights into some of the changes that affect your page ranking, lead generation and sales success, here are some fascinating facts about SEO. They should also serve as a reminder that SEO is not a magic ‘quick fix’ for poor sales. It needs to be the subject of a consistent, thorough strategy.

Three-quarters of ‘clicks’ on Google involve the top 5 results

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Ensuring your site is ranking for the correct key terms in order to reach that top 5!

This is one of our favourite SEO facts. If you need an illustration of why your page ranking is so crucial, this is the one.

If your product is not in the first five results, you’re only going to get a share of less than 25% of total search responses. That too is on a sliding scale. The lower down you are, the less chance a customer will click on your link.

What you do off-page, is more important than on-page

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Expand your SEO knowledge when it comes to off-page efforts, this will help you rank higher, quicker

This is a fun SEO fact especially aimed at anyone who invests all their efforts in keyword-rich content. Your success in search results comes 25% from what you put on your pages, and 75% from off-page activities.

What does off-page SEO mean? It’s things like link-building, content marketing, joint ventures with influencers and of course, social media. Fundamentally, the digital marketing activities that underpin SEO.

Organic results are more valuable than paid ads

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High SEO rankings have a successful impact on your business long-term, paid for ads = quick wins

This is great news for anyone doing digital marketing on a budget! PPC is a great business tool, but not something that replaces the fundamentals of SEO.

The split is substantial, with 70 to 80% of searchers ignoring paid for listings, in favour of clicking on organic results.

Page titles are vital

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You know everyone is reading your SEO title, so ensure this is informative and captivating

This is an often-overlooked element of SEO. Yet think about it for a moment. The first thing you see when you do a search is the SEO title (also known as a tag).

What you may not yet appreciate, is that Google uses title tags too. They help categorise the topic of the page, to assign a ranking.

Also, crafting the best SEO page tags increases your click rate, as long as they are compelling and clear.

Persuasive meta descriptions bring more leads

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You can wind up spending hours writing your meta, keep it short, sweet, captivating, and informative

This adds to the above interesting fact about SEO. Creating a strong meta description – a quick resume of the page’s contents in less than 155 characters – will play a big role in increasing click-throughs from searches.

Don’t fall into the trap of re-using compelling meta descriptions though. Each page should have a unique one. The best way to check your meta description attracts attention is often to test it out, then measure SEO response rates.

SEO increasingly pivots on mobile searches

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The future of SEO is ever growing!

We couldn’t run an article on SEO facts without touching on mobile! Internet use on smartphones is ever-growing. Around 60% of smartphone owners use their devices to conduct searches, and then make direct contact with businesses that appear at the top of rankings.

The same applies to voice-activated searches – the more devices that appear in homes and workplaces, the more people will ask for information and then make direct contact with the top listing.

You need to be sure your website pages and SEO activities are all optimised for mobile and voice search activity.

Keeping pace with emerging SEO techniques and priorities

Here’s a fun SEO fact for you. Visit this live site to see how many Google searches there have been today.  It is reliably more than 40,000 every second. That could be your customers, looking for the products you sell.

If any of these SEO facts are wake up call, you need to move fast. Your competition could be already developing strategies to gain traction in search results. The first step is to contact Factory Pattern for a no-obligation chat. We would be pleased to talk through the best SEO strategy to keep you ahead.