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Best Mobile Ecommerce UX Examples

Andy Thorne
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With around 60-70% of your visitors visiting your site via mobile, mobile UX has never been more important. It’s not enough to only offer a great user experience on your desktop ecommerce site.

If you want to create a seamless user experience, increase your website’s conversion rate, and stay ahead of your users’ needs and expectations, you need to invest in great mobile UX.

Mobile users are often on the go, making quick decisions and therefore, your mobile ecommerce site needs to meet the needs of your fast paced users and the way they use your website on their smartphone.

Ignoring mobile UX design best practises could cost your business in the long run. Bad UX design can lead to high bounce rates and low conversion rates due to frustrated users who will shop elsewhere with no qualms.

We’re sharing some of the best mobile ecommerce UX examples, and what makes them so great. Keep reading to find out more.

Mobile Ecommerce Examples


Screenshot of Lush mobile app

Lush launched their new website in June 2021 with a focus on creating an amazing mobile user experience.

Back in June 2021, natural cosmetics retailer Lush launched their brand new site. Following over a year of online-focused shopping, they wanted to create a better mobile user experience for ecommerce that allowed their customers to shop with ease.

Thanks to the new search feature they implemented, results are shown in real time whilst the user is still typing. This speeds up the search process by showing the customer what they’re looking for before they’ve finished typing. Suggested products are also shown in the instance of unsuccessful searches.

As well as an improved search feature, Lush has a new checkout process and offers more payment methods, making it easier than ever for high-intent customers to shop.

Mobile users are also more accustomed to Live Chat as opposed to other methods of contact, and Lush’s new ecommerce platform offers a 24-hour live chat feature for customers needing further help.


Screenshot of the Etsy mobile app

Etsy have designed the mobile site homepage to push the features and elements that mobile users need the most; search, trending products and popular categories.

With 61% of sales coming from mobile users in 2020, it’s crucial for Etsy to provide a great user experience to their mobile users.

As a marketplace-style website with 3.14 million active sellers, Etsy ran the risk of its site being cluttered and difficult to use.

However, they’ve designed the mobile site homepage to push the features and elements that mobile users need the most; search, trending products and popular categories.

Their mobile users are either looking for a specific product, or browsing a category of product, and the features on the homepage make it easy for both types of user to quickly find what they’re looking for.

Popular categories use thumbnails of products within the category to visualise what is on offer, which can be tapped on easily.

Overall, Etsy has created a great user experience for their customers in an environment with many sellers and many different types of products on offer.



Screenshot of Chilly's products

Chilly’s mobile website features prominently-placed call-to-actions to help mobile users along their journey.

Chilly’s produces reusable products such as water bottles and flasks, in a variety of different designs, colourways and sizes. In July 2020, their annual sales reached £44.1m, and with a largely younger target audience, their website needs to appeal to mobile users who are on the go.

The mobile website is easy to use, instantly directing users to ‘Shop Now’, with eye-catching photography, and avoiding decision fatigue by only offering a few CTAs.

Another feature of Chilly’s site is the personalisation function. Users can create their own customised bottle or coffee cup, and see a high quality render of the product in real time.

Whilst this service could quickly become confusing to users with countless combinations of choices on a small mobile screen, Chilly’s have created a smooth user experience and enjoyable shopping experience for customers.

Importance of Mobile Ecommerce UX

If your ecommerce site is falling behind, it’s vital to improve your mobile user experience as this is where your sales might be eroding.

If you’ve already got a top rate desktop ecommerce site, take some time to work on the UX of your mobile site to bring it up to the same standard.

Although the mobile ecommerce UX examples above sell very different types of products, they utilise great mobile UX design principles to provide their customers with the best possible shopping experience.
In particular, a focus on optimised and easy to access search, managing potentially overwhelming amounts of information and meeting the specific needs of their users.