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What are the Best Tools for Project Management?

Andy Thorne
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At Factory Pattern, efficient project management is at the core of everything we do. From ensuring smooth communications with our clients, to ensuring all projects are completed on time, to the highest standard, and within budget.

We couldn’t maintain our high standard of ecommerce services without using the best project management tools out there.

Effective communication between both clients and within our internal team is fundamental to keeping our projects on track. The online project management tools we use help us with a wide range of jobs, from sharing feedback to managing our team and tracking our progress.

Another key element to our successful project management is in-person check-ins, and we catch up regularly with clients and team members.

In this article, we discuss how and why ClickUp (spoiler) and other tools such as Bugherd are the best tools when it comes to managing website projects

Things to Consider When Choosing Project Management Tools

So you’ve established that you need structure to your project management, but there are a lot out there.

How do you choose which are the best project management tools for your team?

There are two crucial requirements that any project management tool should meet. Firstly, does it have all the features that your project manager needs? Secondly, is your full team happy to use it?

Once you’ve found tools that meet those two key requirements, you can use the following steps to narrow down your choices:

  • Identify what you need from a project management tool – one tool doesn’t need to meet all the needs
  • Find out what other teams think and recommend
  • Test the tool with your team to identify any potential issues
  • Consider the cost of paid tools – can your team afford paid for software?


ClickUp project management tool

ClickUp is ideal for planning, tracking and managing projects.

ClickUp is one app that lets you plan, track, and manage any type of work with project management.

Manage all your client work in handy spaces with sub-spaces for individual projects.

Track time against projects to keep on track and within your budget all within the ClickUp app.

Choose from multiple different page and task views to maximise efficiency: Chat (see your conversations and tasks side by side), Doc (create docs and knowledge bases), Embed (include apps and websites next to your tasks), and Form (include forms next to your tasks to collect data).

With ClickUp, you can also integrate other apps your team is already using with Zapier, including G-Suite, HubSpot, Trello, Evernote and many more.


BugHerd project management tool

BugHerd is a great tool for quality assurance and feedback on website design and development.

At Factory Pattern, one of our most frequently used project management tools is BugHerd.

BugHerd lets your team and clients:

  • Catch issues on websites
  • Pinpoint the specific location of the issue
  • Respond and comment on bugs with additional information
  • Keep a track of bugs on a kanban board

BugHerd helps us to keep on track of projects as makes it much easier to work through website amends, compared to long emails with pages of screenshots and comments.

We can also keep a track of multiple websites at the same time, add additional documents to issues to give more context to the team.



G-Suite has a comprehensive range of tools that make collaboration simple.

As a UX agency, we love tools that make our experience better, and G-Suite makes our entire project experience more productive and efficient. The overall simplicity of the design and experience makes our workflow smooth and cohesive.

One of the key features is the ability to share documents easily.

We can easily share content, project schedules and much more with our clients and vice versa.

Another great advantage of using G-Suite is that multiple users can work collaboratively in the same document, and files automatically update so there’s no sending multiple versions of documents, as long as you have the link.

Everyone gets the most up to date version of the document.

Our main form of communication with clients is through email, and Gmail’s handy tools make it easy for us to organise client emails into folders, as well as schedule video calls via Google Meet.


Loom project management tool

Sometimes it’s just easier to show someone what you mean, rather than type it out in an email. Loom is perfect for that.

When we’ve prepared some work or a proposal for a client, or need to send them guidance on how to use their website, Loom is a great tool to use.

It allows us to record our screen whilst we talk through what we’re showing.

Loom has great features that allow you to organise recordings into folders, get a transcript from your video and edit or cut out sections.

Time to get organised!

Now that you’re armed with information, it’s time to go out and find the best project management tools for your team. Streamline your workflow, get your team organised and have clear communications with your clients.

Remember, before you decide on which project management software you want to invest in, think about what will work best for your team – there will be something out there to suit all types of agencies.