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9 Reasons to use eCommerce PPC

Andy Thorne
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Integrating online advertising into a successful digital marketing campaign is a great way to help boost your sales. This article looks in more detail at 9 eCommerce PPC benefits.

When you need a way to boost eCommerce sales, the potential benefits of Pay Per Click advertising are considerable. As long as your campaign is planned carefully and continuously evaluated.

Any PPC activities must be carried out alongside strong Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and organic social media activity. These are where the bulk of your page visitors and business leads will come from.

You also need to be confident that your website ticks all the boxes for a robust User Experience (UX). Otherwise, you will be paying for keyword-focused ads, and creating website traffic, only for the money and time to be wasted by poor lead conversion.

Most online retailers turn to paid-for advertisements – on Google and Facebook particularly – when they’re wondering how to build an eCommerce venture that has plateaued. If you find your sales level is stuck, here are nine reasons to use eCommerce PPC.

1. Brand Awareness

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Brand awareness PPC is beneficial to all online sectors, not just eCommerce

Being successful in eCommerce involves having and then promoting a resilient brand. Then using an array of digital marketing methods to position and promote that brand. PPC campaigns can help boost brand awareness, which then makes your organic activities more ‘noticeable’ too.

2. Drive Profit

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With the right focus on your campaigns, you can expect to see a healthy ROI

The most compelling reason to use PPC advertising is to build sales.

Effectively managed pay per click campaigns generate leads, and therefore sales for online retailers. It’s one of the greatest eCommerce PPC benefits – and it’s why we always recommend PPC as a channel to our clients. With the right focus for the campaign, you should see a healthy profit margin when you weigh PPC costs against the orders generated.

3. Targeted advertising

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Running PPC ads can also help gain valuable customer data that can significantly impact your marketing strategies

One of the primary advantages of Pay Per Click ads is that they can yield valuable data. This can help eCommerce companies to segment their target audiences and uncover the most successful keywords and campaigns. For example, you could use this form of targeted advertising to test a product campaign among men aged over 40.

4. Measurable ROI

roi equals profit over investment

One of the advantages of eCommerce PPC is being able to analyse your data and make tweaks to increase your ROI

It is not always easy to manage the time spent generating organic social media posts. Also, engaging in on and off-page SEO activities can be a longer more techincal process.

One of the advantages of eCommerce PPC is you can analyse the results more clearly and the time investment is much lower. You can also make quick adjustments to paid ad campaigns.

This all means eCommerce PPC can provide a good ROI, as well as an easy to see ROI. In fact, research shows that businesses make an average of $2 in income for every $1 they spend in Google Ads.

5. Immediate Impact

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PPC is notoriously known for gaining those ‘quick wins’

Pay per click advertising brings quick results. An expert in PPC for eCommerce can create and deliver a focused campaign within hours. Few other ways to market online shops bring instant leads for eCommerce ventures.

6. Pay Only When People Click

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Only paying for what people ‘click’ is a great way of controlling your budget

Alternative advertising methods can be ‘scattergun’. You buy ad space online hoping it yields sufficient website traffic.

One of the eCommerce PPC benefits is that you literally only pay for successful matches with customers looking for your products and services.

7. Advertising local or globally

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Don’t forget to take into consideration your ads run in line with Googles algorithms

The tech giants have made PPC advertising a digital marketing tool that any size or type of company can use. Regardless of your target audience too.

There are PPC opportunities focused on specific demographic audiences (as mentioned above) but you can also create localised PPC campaigns. This can be a way of manipulating and measuring lead generation from ads. Do people in London buy more of your products than those in Scotland?

However, you can also plan eCommerce PPC campaigns to build global exposure for your products.

8. Ads don’t depend on algorithm changes

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Multi-layered targeting can help test a range of campaigns to determine the most successful strategy

Organic and therefore free ways to promote products on Google and Facebook are at the mercy of the tech giants’, 100s of measurement criteria. In other words, what works one day, bombs when you next try it.

Formulating an effective PPC campaign for eCommerce can be far more exacting in its nature. It’s built on current Google algorithms and therefore designed to be read and ranked appropriately.

9. Multi-layered targeting options

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Multi-layered targeting can help test a range of campaigns to determine the most successful strategy

As it’s such a measurable and transparent way to generate leads for online retailers, the best PPC campaigns enable you to aggressively promote specific products or offers, to several different target groups at once.

Using careful monitoring, multi-layered targeting can help test product campaigns and see how different consumers respond to your chosen keywords.

How can I make eCommerce PPC successful?

There’s a strong theme in all nine eCommerce PPC benefits. To be effective, pay per click advertising must be expertly developed and orchestrated. That’s where we come in! Get in touch for insights on how PPC can drive up sales for your online shop.