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The Shopify Website Winter edition update explained

Georgina Thorne
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If you have a Shopify website, you’ll probably have a good idea of how the platform continues to evolve and enhance its offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of online businesses. With the arrival of the Winter 2023 updates, Shopify Editions introduces several exciting new features and improvements for you and every Shopify agency (like us) across the land.

In this blog post, we will delve into the significant updates and their implications for Shopify ecommerce stores.

Let’s explore how these new features empower businesses and their Shopify website to succeed in the competitive online landscape.

Enhanced Customisation Options

Shopify Winter 23 Editions now offers expanded customisation capabilities with Meta objects. A new feature that allows businesses to create unique and tailored content for their store, like a shoppable gallery, product highlights, cart upsells, and size guides. The update will give you more flexibility around content management without affecting the design themes.

These customization options enable a Shopify website to differentiate itself, align its online presence with its brand identity, and deliver engaging and visually appealing customer experiences.

Smart Order Routing

screen shot of inventory tracking on Shopify

Shopify is now making managing your fulfillment locations easier and cheaper by allowing you to route your orders to the nearest fulfillment location to the customer. They have also introduced enhanced inventory tracking with a real-time view of available stock quantities across your fulfillment locations to help minimize lost or misplaced stock.

Hydrogen 2: built on remix

example code from Shopify website back end

This latest update to the Shopify website development framework is all about helping speed up the build process. You can use the open-source Remix framework to make querying simple, use templates and upgraded CLI to build faster, and catch errors with improved TypeScript.

Streamlined Checkout Experience

A big Winter 2023 Editions update focuses on enhancing the checkout experience for customers. Shopify Editions introduces streamlined and intuitive one-page checkout flows that simplify the purchase process. Optimised checkout features include fewer fields to enter and fewer page loads to reduce friction for customers.

one page checkout page for Shopify website

The new Drag-and-drop checkout editor feature will also help you to easily edit the look of your checkout. This is exclusive to Shopify Plus and integrates with Shop Pay and allows you to add more functionality to the checkout experience and created a fully branded checkout process.

These updates reduce friction, minimise cart abandonment, and increase conversion rates. By providing a seamless and hassle-free checkout experience, ecommerce stores can deliver a positive customer journey and boost customer loyalty.

Going Global

example auto language translation on shopify

Expanding into global markets becomes more accessible with Shopify Editions’ introduction of its newly expanded global infrastructure. Ecommerce businesses can now expect a faster and more efficient shopping experience for all of their customers regardless of where they are in the world.

They have also introduced the new Translate & Adapt app which allows you to adapt content to reflect cultural relevance and auto-translate in up to two languages for free.

Selling Across Channels

the shopify POS device

This update focuses on being able to sell to your customers across multiple channels, including the updated POS-Go device, improved Shop app customisation, and being able to sync and sell through YouTube.

POS-Go allows you to process payments on one mobile device, so there’s no need for a separate tablet or card reader. You can also track inventory status, manage gift cards and streamline the in-person checkout process. At the moment POS-Go is only available in the US.

The Winter 2023 updates in Shopify Editions bring a host of exciting new features that empower any ecommerce website to thrive in the digital marketplace. Businesses can elevate their online presence, optimize their operations, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

These updates demonstrate Shopify’s commitment to equipping online businesses with the tools they need to succeed and stay ahead in the competitive ecommerce landscape. We’ve just talked about a handful of the updates, you can look through the full list over at Built To Last Shopify Editions Winter 23.

All of the images in this blog are courtesy of the Built To Last Shopify Editions Winter 23 site.