SEO / What are Zero click search results and why should you worry about them?

What are Zero click search results and why should you worry about them?

Andy Thorne
Advice on zero click search results

Making every penny you invest in your website and digital marketing work hard for you, is common sense. Measuring this ROI and knowing how to boost it is important. One of the most urgent fixes is zero click search results!

What does a zero click search result actually mean?

You may be shocked to discover that 50% of Google searches do not stimulate a ‘click’. In other words, people source information about products, companies and places for example, but then they go no further.

As many organisations spend a fortune on SEO and keyword campaigns, it is not a statistic they want to hear!

It is also something that leads to myths and misconceptions about how it’s possible for search results to generate no clicks at all.

This article explores what to do about zero click search results.

The nature of the beast

Why do some searches not result in a measurable response?

This has to be the starting point of maximising your SEO and online marketing.

In some cases, it’s not that the search results were of no interest to the user. It could be that they read the information and found it of value but then used what they found out to complete a separate action. For example, they searched on ‘best guide book to Greece’ and glanced through results, before using ratings to search specifically for that book on Amazon.

Searches that generate a separate event’ are hard – if not impossible – to measure. Whereas a search that generates a distinct click through to your website is unequivocal evidence that your marketing is working.

It could suggest that your SERP features need some work.

What are SERPs?

Serps on a mockup mac screen

SERP is an abbreviation of Search Engine Results Page, the web pages that are provided to you through your google search.

SERP is an abbreviation of Search Engine Results Page.

To illustrate this, a user types in ‘Turkish restaurants in Manchester’ and gets SERPs that provide a response to those keywords.

As Google has grown in sophistication, it has evolved SERPs to offer a variety of features and pieces of information within the results. This gives internet users more ways to respond.

It could even potentially include a featured box with a chance to book a table directly via Google!

Which means the user is less inclined to click on the various results (websites) to compare the restaurants listed.

This can be frustrating, unless you’re the one featured significantly on search pages.

However, this ‘packaging up’ of search content is in response to internet user demand. Consumers want quick answers, convenience and the minimum of hassle!

So Google continues to develop ways to give an instant and clear response to some search terms, negating the need for further clicks.

Ways to combat zero click SERPs

Woman on laptop

The best way to combat zero click SERPs is by having Good quality content, making sure it is constantly updated -Content matters!

One of the most important ways to increase your search result click rate is something Factory Pattern has been ‘pushing’ in many previous blogs; content.

Good quality, constantly updated Content matters!

You cannot expect positive action from internet searches – or a positive action from your website visitors for that matter – if the information you provide is dull, outdated or weak.

High calibre content is your punch point. It’s what makes you stand out and compels internet users to respond.

Generating strong Content for your website wins you Google affirmation and attention. It can also be what makes users click on your search ‘grab’.

If searchers see ‘award-winning Turkish restaurant with free starters’ in their results, it could convince them to ignore the featured venue and click through to your page instead!

See our SEO packagesSearch results need strong snippets

Snippet on google

Make sure your snippet is informative and engaging. Remember – you are the expert in your field.

It’s quite shocking how many organisations neglect to look at the snippets of information that Google grabs from their website, to use in Search Results.

You don’t have space on SERPs to give a lot of detail. You must be sure that what you do say is persuasive and unmissable.

Don’t get complacent if information about your website makes its way into Google’s featured Search Page snippets either. That still doesn’t protect you from the disappointment of zero clicks!

Wherever you appear in the results, internet users still need to see instantly identifiable reasons to delve deeper and ‘click’.

Understanding advanced SEO

Another important factor in combating the insidious nature of zero click search results is an in-depth understanding of SEO techniques.

The value, stance and effectiveness of keywords and phrases are highly fluid, for example.

Factory Pattern knows which search keywords are likely to result in a very organically ‘complete’ response from Google, making zero clicks a real threat.

Conversely, we also know which website features and content can boost the chance of positive SEO experiences and a good level of relevant website traffic.

Contact us to explore keyword analysis and website evaluation, as well as content and design management, to turn your website from SEO zero to hero!