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What Can An Ecommerce Web Design Company Do For You?

Andy Thorne
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An Ecommerce Web Design Company does more than just make your website look good – they can improve your profits and increase customer loyalty too.

With experienced, specific attention to Conversion Rate Optimisation, an ecommerce web design company can help your website to grow sustainably and successfully, by meeting the needs of your users.

Here are some of the ways an Ecommerce Web Design Company can help you and why you might want to choose to employ one to work on your website.

Who Might An Ecommerce Web Design Company Benefit?

You might be wondering if you need a web designer, or how it will benefit your company. 

Whilst anyone can benefit from a web designer, they can particularly benefit start ups, businesses who want to rebrand, websites with poor conversion rates, or businesses who are ready to level up the capabilities of their ecommerce website.

You might be thinking ‘surely I can build or update the website myself?’. Whilst platforms such as Shopify or WordPress are making it easier and easier to build websites, there are many more factors to consider than purely making a website that functions correctly.

Some common issues that arise when people attempt to create their own website include:

  • Lack of UX considerations – the most important aspect on your website should be providing a great user experience. If your site is difficult to use, or causes your users to easily get frustrated, they are less likely to stick around and make a purchase. 
  • The overall look and feel of your website is sub-par – whilst there are lots of pre-built templates out there, unless you have a web designer, its hard to get a website that looks professional and unique to your business.
  • Your website isn’t optimised for mobile devices – you might have successfully designed your website for desktop users, but what if most of your website traffic comes from mobile users? If the website doesn’t look and function well on mobile, you could be missing out on a significant chunk of revenue.
  • The website isn’t showing high up in Google search results – so your new site is live, it looks great and works well, but you aren’t getting many visitors. This is because your site hasn’t had any SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), the process that improves a website’s technical configuration, content relevancy and link popularity to make the pages more easily findable, more relevant and popular towards user search queries, and as a consequence, search engines rank them better.

An Ecommerce web design agency can help fix these issues (as a minimum) as well as support you and your website with many more services.

What Can An Ecommerce Web Design Company Do For You?

UX design and user research, business growth considerations, accessibility, hosting & support, strengthen brand presence, and much more.

UX Design & User Research

Data led design is crucial if you want your ecommerce website to meet the needs of your users. Understanding their needs and wants, the way they behave, and who they are should inform the designs. This ensures that everything they need, from information to functionality is included. 

UX must also be taken into consideration if you want users to make purchases on your site, and return again and again.

You can spend as much money as you like on marketing and sending users to your website, but if they don’t have a positive experience whilst they are on it, they simply won’t stick around to complete a purchase.

If you carefully consider the user journey and experience, you’ll create an environment that users will enjoy and return to. 

Testing designs with real users also helps to identify what will perform best on your website.

Stronger Brand Presence and Awareness

Your brand is already performing well on other platforms, such as social media, packaging, and marketing, and your website should be another successful extension of your brand.

A web design agency should be able to weave your brand, tone of voice and identity into every aspect of your website, from imagery and copy, to the functions and visual elements.

A website that incorporates your brand successfully can evoke user delight, and strengthen your customer loyalty.


There are currently around 1 billion people living with some form of disability, including but not limited to auditory, cognitive, visual, and physical disabilities.

By making your website fully accessible, you ensure that all of your potential users have access to your website, regardless of their disability, and you increase the number of potential customers.

Business Growth Considerations

A good web design agency will also take into consideration your business goals, such as revenue, traffic, conversion rate, and more.

These goals help to track how your website is performing and where you need to focus improvements in an on-going process.

Hosting & Support

Your new website is live, and performing well, but what happens when there’s an issue, a plugin needs updating, or the server goes down?

A web design agency that offers hosting and support can take care of all these things, allowing you to focus your attention on running your business. 

They can do monthly maintenance to update plugins and content, fix issues, and offer support if something goes wrong.

Find an Ecommerce web design company who can offer you more 

Ecommerce Web Design agencies like Factory Pattern can do all of this and more to improve your brand visibility, optimise the UX of your website and lower the bounce rate.

Employing a design agency means you can spend more time running your business, and you’ll get a website where every aspect has been carefully considered to create sustainable growth.