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What is Notion Used for at an Ecommerce Agency?

Andy Thorne
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At Factory Pattern, we need the best tools for project management that provide us with a collaborative and easily accessible space with the freedom to customise according to our company’s needs. In this article, we’ll be talking about a clever tool called Notion and what is Notion used for in an eCommerce agency.

What is Notion?

Notion is a collaborative project management space and note-taking software that was founded in 2013 by Ivan Zhao and others. In 2018, Notion 2.0 was released alongside an official Android app and by 2019, Notion reached an impressive one million users.  And just one more year later, in 2020, it became a financial unicorn after being valued at two billion dollars.

The inspiring software also boasts customers such as Pixar, Headspace, Figma and Loom. These impressive companies highlight the accomplishment that Notion has made in the productivity and project management world. 

One of the reasons Notion has been so successful is that it filled a gap in the productivity sphere that you may not even have realised was missing.

A lot of people are used to using Notes apps on their phones, to jot things down in the moment, or using Google Drive to store documents collaboratively – however, Notion creates a space where a team can do both and more. 

Being a team player

What is Notion used for

In a team environment, Notion can be used to create an ever-evolving space where you can easily store notes, data, documents and even clip and save content directly from online articles.

You can embed a variety of files, including images, videos and even music. Notion provides the ability to add live comments to anything you have stored within, you can have discussions across your team that keep them safely documented.

Notion has provided a multitude of guides and templates that can help you get started using the software. The guides can provide an introduction, showing the software’s potential and an understanding of what Notion can be used for. The templates, found in  Notion’s Template Gallery, are still customisable and create the perfect stepping stone when you first begin using Notion.

Using Notion at Factory Pattern

We started using Notion as a space to share our company policies and procedures. It gave the whole team easy access to important information and took some pressure off the HR department.

Now we use Notion to help to make our workflow seamless and ensure that the whole team has access to all of the templates, processes and information they need to help them in their work and stream lin eour ecommerce services.

It’s quick and intuitive to use, with plenty of built-in options available to help you customise and make Notion work best for you. You can access tools with just a tap of the forward slash key, which brings up actions like creating a page, adding a to-do list, adding a table, mention someone in your workspace.

Being able to do this without needing to take your hands off the keyboard creates an effortless experience. Your workflow doesn’t need to be interrupted by searching through menus to find what you want to do.

What is Notion used for

The main tools and features that we use Notion for include:

  • Note-taking
  • Managing processes
  • Managing tasks and lists
  • Sharing ideas 
  • Reporting
  • Managing documents
  • Content calendars

Coordinating your team for productivity is an important factor in success. You can do this by using software, like Notion, that allows you to plan, capture thoughts and manage projects. Notion provides the tools and functionality to create a clear, searchable and easily accessible system. 

Your team will save time searching through files to find what they need. With Notion, you no longer have to worry about checking that you have the most up-to-date version of a document, as it automatically saves and updates.

Prioritising Processes

At Factory Pattern, we have several different departments and work in many different areas of eCommerce. To manage this, we record the processes that we follow when completing work.  Notion has helped us to find the perfect space to manage all of our processes. 

It allows us to create spaces for each department and each category of work. It is easy to move through these spaces to find what you are looking for. As our work evolves, we can update our processes easily. 

If someone in the team needs to find the correct way to complete a task, they can quickly access the relevant process. This helps us to work more efficiently. Previously, we were storing these processes as individual files in Google Drive, which placed steps of resistance between looking for and finding the correct process. 

Simplify the way you work

After using Notion for several months, we have found that it has helped to simplify the way we work and created a stress-free environment for us to record, document, plan and discuss. Notion would make a useful addition to any company, team, or individual. 

Notion can bring so many benefits for you and your team. Here are some of the key benefits that we have found from using Notion

  • Quick to reference
  • Easy access to important documents
  • Improves productivity
  • Supports teams
  • Easy to update process documents

Scott Belsky, the CPO of Adobe said: “If the most creative people spent a little less time on ideas and a little more on organizing the ideas they’ve already got, they would make more of an impact. And that’s where Notion comes in.” We could not agree more.