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The best ecommerce PPC examples

Andy Thorne
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As you read about the best ecommerce PPC examples, know that the approaches these ecommerce businesses have taken may not necessarily work for you. Ecommerce PPC campaigns are unique to each and every business. Anyone that tells you there is a one fit approach to pay-per-click campaigns for ecommerce should not be trusted. 

But here’s the thing: 

It’s all about the lessons you can learn from these examples. 

Can you build on their style of creative for your ads? Is their tone of voice relevant to your audience?

So, without further ado, here are our favourite ecommerce PPC campaigns.


There’s a good chance you’ve seen a MVMT advert on your Facebook timeline. The watch company has disrupted the watch industry in the last five years.

And you’ll never believe how they did it:

Social Advertising. 

On his blog, Alex Fedotoff outlined MVMT’s growth strategy focused around ‘being everywhere’ (e.g. on all social platforms). 

Now, let’s take a look at some of their ads. 

MVMT Facebook Ad

MVMT utilises a minimalistic approach in their ad copy.

I’ve picked out this ad as an example of MVMT’s Facebook Advertising tactics.

What do you notice?

The first thing that stands out to me is the creative. What I like is that they include both a lifestyle and product image in the same ad. This isn’t something you see too often in Facebook Advertising, with advertisers preferring one or the other. 

What’s also interesting is the lack of copy. Some advertisers – including some of our best ecommerce ppc examples – go heavy with their headlines, descriptions and primary text. 

But not MVMT. 

Minimalism is a theme for their products and that carries over to their ad copy. 

Dollar Shave Club

Famous television advertisers Dollar Shave Club are using some powerful videos in their new adverts promoting their razors to a female audience. 

The brand’s image and tone of voice has traditionally been bold, loud and, well, macho. 

What I really like about their video advertising campaign is the authenticity of it. These are real women, who use the product and have created the content themselves. 

There’s no high production value, it’s not in 4K and there’s no special effects. 

But authenticity sells. 


Because people trust people like them. It helps them to see themselves in their product.

Dollar Shave Club Facebook Ad

The Dollar Shave Club uses their customers’ authentic experiences to engage their audience.

Lumin Skincare

Lumin is one of my favourite social advertisers. Their style is distinctive and unique.

They use a lot of video adverts and they always feature real people. 

We talked about the use of authentic people in Dollar Shave Club’s adverts, but there’s an extra layer to Lumin’s video ads:


You’ll struggle to find a Lumin ad campaign without a diverse range of men featured – of all ages, skin colour, shape and size. 

It’s a super powerful tactic as it ensures that no matter who sees your advert, they can relate. 

Lumin Skincare Facebook Ad

Lumin Skincare uses a diverse range of models in their ads, helping their audience to relate to the content.


The last on our list of the best ecommerce PPC examples comes from Huel, the food supplement brand. 

As a Huel user, I was drawn in by their Facebook Ad campaign, so I know it’s effective. 

But why?

Well, anybody interested in fitness supplements is interested in two things:

Nutritional information and cost. 

What I like about Huel’s ads – and why I think it’s one of the best ecommerce PPC campaigns – is that they don’t get lost on filler. 

Many fitness brands get caught up on body image. They show fitness models, bodybuilders and people that look like professional athletes in their imagery. 

The reality is that the average consumer doesn’t look like that.

Huel’s imagery zeroes in on nutritional information and cost – they understand what their consumers want to know. 

Huel Facebook Ad - One our best ecommerce ppc examples

Huel focuses on highlighting their product’s nutritional value in their ads.

What do you think are the best ecommerce ppc examples?

As I mentioned at the start of this article, there’s no one size fits all blueprint for ecommerce PPC advertising

Instead, you have to take inspiration from the best ecommerce PPC examples and apply what works for your brand and advertising campaign. Just make sure it feels authentic. 

But what do you think are the best ecommerce PPC examples? We’d love to hear from you. Tweet us @FactoryPattern to share the campaigns you love.