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Clickup vs Asana: Which is best for your team?

Andy Thorne
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Finding the best tools for project management is a challenge that every company faces. It is not always easy to choose what would work best for you and your team. Especially when there are so many different services available these days. So, allow us to share our thoughts on Clickup vs Asana to help you choose. 

Project management software can become an integral cog in a company’s every day. There are so many benefits of having a single source of information that the whole team can use. It is especially useful having this source be a virtual one that is accessible from anywhere, stores your history and can be integrated with other software.

As a digital agency, we are constantly in contact with these types of tools. Whether using them ourselves or hearing about them from clients. This means we can provide a unique perspective of what really are the best project management tools.

To help you choose the project management tool that is best for you and your team, we are providing a review of two popular options: ClickUp vs Asana. We initially used Asana as our project management tool, before moving over to ClickUp. As a company that has used both platforms, we can present an unbiased but informed outlook.

Clickup vs Asana

ClickUp vs Asana_ Which is best for your team_

Asana was founded in 2008 when Justin Rosenstein and Dustin Moskovitz left their posts at Facebook to build the productivity tool. ClickUp had a later beginning, founded in 2017 by Zeb Evans. Both platforms aim to create a reliable base for managing projects from start to finish. ClickUp’s tagline is “one app to replace them all,” which summarises the benefits of using productivity software.

We moved from Asana in order to better manage our team’s time tracking and project budgets. ClickUp also provided the ability to see wider project management, including individual team tasks and their projected time scope.

A breakdown of features

Here is a quick overview of the different features on ClickUp vs Asana:

Clickup vs asana

From the table above, it is clear that both platforms are strong contenders for managing projects. ClickUp, however, takes the lead in terms of features, price and customer support. Asana is the more intuitive of the two, so would be a good place to start if you and your team have not used any kind of project management software previously. 

One of the features that make ClickUp more suitable for our company is the ease of built-in time tracking and time reporting. It is important for us to know how much time we have spent on individual tasks and on a project overall. This way we can be sure we are not going over or under our designated retainer hours. It also allows us to keep on track of one-off projects. Furthermore, we can use the data from our time tracking to better estimate how long each task or each project is likely to take. We will then be able to manage client expectations with a more accurate timescale. 

As we work on a variety of projects as a company, each person’s daily tasks can be on varying levels of importance. The task flagging feature provides a clear and easy way to indicate the urgency of each task. It just takes a quick scan of your task list to know what your priorities should be. 

The ability to communicate across the team is also improved on ClickUp vs on Asana. ClickUp’s notification tab provides a centre to view all of the tasks that have been completed across your team, any comments that have been made on tasks and dates that have been changed. This is particularly useful for Account or Project Managers, as you can see things that may be missed otherwise. You can also easily clear away these notifications. 

Creating tasks from emails

A personal favourite is the ability to create a task from an email without needing to go across into ClickUp. You can simply press the ClickUp icon directly from your email and it captures the thread that you can then either attach to an existing task or create a new one straight from your inbox.

Finally, a key factor that makes ClickUp rank slightly higher than Asana is the pricing. As you can see in the table above, ClickUp is almost half of the price of Asana per user. Considering that ClickUp includes more features, 24/7 support and a cheaper price, it makes for a pretty strong contender.

Which one is best for you?

We have been using ClickUp for around seven months now and whilst it was definitely a learning curve to get used to the interface and utilising the features correctly, we haven’t been tempted to switch back. Ultimately, the choice depends on what most suits your company’s needs. Asana is a brilliant platform for introducing your team to project management software. ClickUp elevates this experience by taking project management software one step further, providing a wealth of useful features and integration options.

Hopefully, this comparison is a useful indicator for those who are struggling to find the right solution for their team.