Ecommerce PPC / Pinterest advertising: Should your ecommerce store advertise on Pinterest?

Pinterest advertising: Should your ecommerce store advertise on Pinterest?

Andy Thorne
Pinterest icon on laptop

fFor one of our clients, Pinterest advertising has been a breath of fresh air. 


Because advertising on Pinterest has provided a healthy and sustainable return on investment.

And here’s the thing:

A sustainable return on ad spend is more important than ever. Money is tight for businesses after the pandemic so every penny you spend on advertising has to count. 

When you couple that with the impact of Apple’s iOS14 privacy lockdown on Facebook advertising, finding a sustainable revenue stream is vital. Across the industry, advertisers have reported drops in revenue after iOS14 came into play. 

So, should your ecommerce store advertise on Pinterest? 

My recommendation would be yes, but there are some caveats. 

Let’s dig into it. 

Why use Pinterest Advertising?

A graphic showing stats about Pinterest use behaviour

Pinterest has 250 million users across the world and 98% of users have tried new things they found on the platform.

Advertising on Pinterest has a number of benefits. We spoke above about the return on ad spend we’ve seen, but what scope do you have to grow your customer base on Pinterest? Well, Pinterest has 250 million users across the world. 

And they’re an engaged audience. 

98% of Pinterest users say they’ve tried new things they’ve seen on the platform. Most other social platforms register at around 71%.  

Pinterest Advertising For Lifestyle Brands

Screenshot of Pinterest across 3 mobile devices

Pinterest users are searching for inspiration, they want to try new things.

If you’re an ecommerce store that sells lifestyle products to consumers, then Pinterest advertising is definitely for you. 

Pinterest users are searching for inspiration. They want ideas, tips and things they can try. 

If you publish insights and blogs on your website, then these can work brilliantly on Pinterest. 

But that’s not all: 

Pinterest is all about visuals and Pinterest advertising is no different. 

You need to make sure your ad creative is visually appealing.

What if you’re not a lifestyle brand?

Screenshot of Pinterest website results for 'space saving'

You don’t have to be a lifestyle brand to advertise on Pinterest – you just need to get creative.

Just because you’re not a lifestyle brand, doesn’t mean you should necessarily keep away from Pinterest. It may just be a bit more difficult and you may have to find more creative ways to generate conversions. 

As we mentioned above, Pinterest is all about inspiration and ideas. Your business needs to find a way to tap into this in a relevant way. 

An example: 

Say you’re a safety specialist that sells storage containers. 

You may not see the fit straight away, but with some clever imagery and content writing, you can create some engaging advertising. 

For example, you could create content around clever space saving tricks for small spaces.

Is your target audience on Pinterest?

A graphic showing the gender split of Pinterest users - females make up 71% and males make up 29%

Women make up 71% of Pinterest users, and account for 92% of the pins!

Pinterest Advertising is no different to any other advertising platform; you have to consider whether your target audience uses the platform. 

Pinterest has more female users than male ones, with females making up 71% of their user base.

But that’s not all:

Women account for a whopping 92% of the pins on Pinterest. 

So before committing to Pinterest advertising, consider whether your target audience will be reached on the platform. If your primary target audience is young men, it’s unlikely you’ll reach them with Pinterest advertising. 

So should you consider Pinterest advertising?

If your business ticks the following two boxes, then you should advertise on Pinterest. 

  1. You’re a lifestyle brand
  2. Women are your primary target audience

If you tick just one – or neither – of those boxes, don’t be completely put off. Pinterest advertising could still work for you. However, it’s worth considering whether this platform will provide you with the best return on ad spend, or if you’re better investing your PPC budget elsewhere.