Email Marketing / Email marketing examples: Our favourites to inspire your next campaign

Email marketing examples: Our favourites to inspire your next campaign

Andy Thorne
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Why should you care about the best email marketing examples? Well, it is estimated that over 290 billion emails are sent each day all around the world. That’s a lot of emails… and a LOT of competition to stand out in your subscribers’ inbox.

So, it’s important to provide your subscribers with emails that add value and give them a reason to open it in the first place. However, opening your email is just the first step. You also want your subscribers to click and engage with your email, right?

For that, you need fresh and exciting content that will entice your subscribers to engage and convert. Plus, there’s so many benefits of email marketing, you shouldn’t be missing out!

That’s why we’re sharing our favourite email marketing campaigns that do it best when it comes to email design, and engaging subscribers. Hopefully you can take some inspiration from our list!

Wool and the Gang

Our first email marketing example is from Wool and the Gang. Wool and the Gang are an online crochet and knitting store that sell yarn, accessories and patterns. In this email marketing example, they take speaking your buyer’s language to a whole new level.

They imitate a text conversion between friends about making plans, with one of them turning down a night out to stay in and crochet a Wool and the Gang jumper. Even using the hashtag JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out), a twist on the more commonly used FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

We think it’s a brilliant sentiment and will absolutely resonate with their target audience.

Wool and the Gang go further by linking the how-to video for the stitch used to make the crochet jumper featured in the texts. They add value for their readers by offering free and helpful tutorials.

Finally, the email ends with more call to actions in the form of recommended products, personalised for each subscriber. We love their conversational and down-to-earth tone of voice – you won’t hear your grandma saying crazy sexy crochet!


Our next email marketing example is by Shoto. Shoto is an email newsletter service that delivers the latest technology trends, business insights and advances in science to your inbox in an easy to digest manner.

Shoto consistently uses the same emoji at the start of their email subject lines. So, right off the bat Shoto always stands out in my inbox.

They always start their email newsletters with a brief intro that includes a word count and estimated reading time for the content to follow.

This is great because it improves the user experience by setting out expectations at the start. Then, you can decide whether you want to continue reading or save it for later.

This is followed by a round up of the top stories summarised in a few sentences each with links to read the full articles.

Breaking down long articles into short bite-sized chunks is a great way to provide information to your readers in a digestible way. They use relevant emojis to bullet point each story, making the email feel less text-heavy and more visually interesting.

Next up, Shoto shares some inspirational content for their readers to check out, followed by a quote of the day.

Notice how each segment in this email marketing example is shareable on social media. This gives readers the opportunity to easily share the email content – free marketing for Shoto!

Finally – and what I find quite interesting – is that Shoto provides the reader the chance to give feedback on each email in a user-friendly way.

Often feedback comes in the form of filling out sometimes lengthy surveys. But Shoto allows you to simply click 1 of 3 links to describe your feelings towards the email.

Asking your subscribers for their feedback can be really valuable for designing and writing content for future emails.

Plus, it doesn’t have to be invasive.

Take inspiration from this email marketing example and see what impact it has on your email marketing KPIs.


The final entry in our list of email marketing examples is by sustainable outdoor clothing brand, Patagonia. This example is a bit different to the others, because this is an automated welcome email rather than a newsletter.

Email automations are great at driving revenue for ecommerce stores, since you can easily target specific audience segments with relevant content.

Patagonia uses their automated welcome email as an opportunity to clearly convey what their brand is all about, as well as what subscribers can expect from their newsletters.

By setting expectations right away, Patagonia can start building a sense of trust with their subscribers. It also helps reinforce their brand as being authentic and trustworthy.

They also utilise a short and snappy mission statement, “We’re in business to save our home planet.”. No fluff, just straight to the point.

The email ends with their “Ironclad Guarantee” – providing reassurances to their customers that products can be returned for repair, replacement, or refund if they are not satisfied with it.

This further reinforces their brand as being trustworthy and authentic – they seek to build that trust and relationship with their customers early on.


So, that’s all we have for today folks.

What did you think of these email marketing examples – are you feeling inspired? We certainly hope so.

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