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    Build your email marketing knowledge with the Factory Pattern email marketing blog. From comparing email platforms to our fave email marketing examples.

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  • Mailchimp vs Klaviyo: How do they compare for ecommerce?

    13 / September, 2022
    You know the saying “a good workman never blames his tools”, well, that’s not strictly true when it comes to the tool you use for email marketing. In this blog, we’ll be comparing leading emai...

    What are the Benefits of Email Marketing?

    9 / August, 2022
    No business can afford to ignore a largely free marketing tool. Rumours of its demise are unfounded, and every organisation can use this brilliant, personalised communication option. We outline the be...

    Email marketing examples: Our favourites to inspire your next campaign

    25 / January, 2022
    Why should you care about the best email marketing examples? Well, it is estimated that over 290 billion emails are sent each day all around the world. That’s a lot of emails… and a LOT of competi...

    Which email marketing tool do you need?

    17 / December, 2021
    As emails are an effective and versatile way to generate sales, the only real question is which email marketing tool is best for you. Any rumours you’ve heard that emails have been replaced by newer...

    12 Email Marketing Tips For 2022

    10 / December, 2021
    Email marketing, est. 1978 and still going strong for 2022. In this blog, we share 12 email marketing tips to help you succeed in 2022. Due to how long email marketing has been around for, you might n...

    5 Email marketing tips for Black Friday 2021

    16 / November, 2021
    It feels like seasonal sales start earlier, last longer, and offer bigger discounts each year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are no different. In fact, Black Friday shoppers spent a total of $14 billi...

    9 Best Email Automation Flows for Ecommerce Stores To Increase Sales

    15 / July, 2021
    So, you’ve been working hard to generate new leads for your ecommerce business and your email list is growing, which is great. The next challenge is turning those new leads into customers as quickly...

    The marketing resource we have all forgotten about, your email list! 

    13 / August, 2019
    As digital marketing becomes more commonplace amongst business, there is a drive for innovation. New and exciting forms of digital marketing arrive, leaving the old standbys somewhat forgotten about. ...