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UX Research for Leading Address Verification Company Loqate


How we helped Loqate find where conversions were being eroded through an in-depth UX Audit.

Key Points


Top conversion journeys identified.


Located pages with highest bounce rate.


Identified top areas for opportunity using Google Analytics.

About the Client

Loqate is one of the world's leading address verification and auto-complete software companies. Providing address verification services to brands such as ASOS, IBM, Gymshark and more.

Our Brief

Loqate had an in-depth site showcasing all the services they offer. However, they had noticed the site wasn’t performing as expected and they were getting poor conversions.

They came to us to find out why their site was converting poorly.

Our challenge was to find out where and why the conversions were being eroded to suggest how they can improve their site and increase their conversion rate.

The Solution

Using Google Analytics, we gathered data from across the site, checking conversion rate, drop-off rate and establishing the length of user journeys.

Through user interviews, we were able to gain a better understanding of the user experience and understood the frustrations they were experiencing.

By conducting Heuristic Analysis on the top converting URLs we were able to thoroughly review individual pages to find out why they were underperforming, and suggest opportunities for improvement.

Supporting research including heat maps, reverse pathways and statements of needs helped us to understand the user even further and suggest opportunities for improvement.

The Outputs

Using the in-depth UX Audit of the site, we were able to suggest and prioritise actions for Loqate to take to improve the conversion rate.

Rather than a complete redesign of their site, we recommended upgrades to optimise.

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