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Cheltenham based interior designers L’una Design could hardly expect discerning homeowners to commission property remodelling projects if their online profile lacked finesse.

About the Client

L’una Design had an existing website, alongside an enviable reputation and growing client base.

However, much of its success was based on sourcing and supplying home furnishings and other products to decorate and refurbish properties.

The venture was keen to present its credentials for providing creative interior designs, and for managing room transformations in a practical and affordable manner.

L’una Design was particularly keen that website visitors received an instant and unforgettable impression of their ability to forge a “thing of beauty” from any room, including high functional kitchens and bathrooms, as well as luxurious bedrooms and stunning lounges.

The interior design company’s affiliations to high-end suppliers of interior and exterior furniture and furnishings is also an important part of their success. Their network of prestigious suppliers – and considerable buying power – can provide homeowners with the complete package when it comes to contemporary design projects.

Our Brief

The company approached Factory Pattern, looking for a vision and creative flair that matched their own.

L’una Design needed an evolutionary website, one that progressed the business in terms of the services and products offered, and also showed its increasing authority and expertise in this highly competitive market.

This was not just a new website. It had to be one that was as beautiful and welcoming as any of the rooms L’una Design crafts!

That included making site visitors feel as relaxed and ‘at home’ as any of L’una Design’s previous happy clients.

The Solution

  • We worked not just on making the new website look amazing. We ensured we did own ‘homework’ to make certain the new site performed brilliantly too.
  • This involved painting a clear picture of the keywords that homeowners use when searching for interior designers in the Cheltenham area.
  • These searchable terms could then be naturally assimilated into strong content on the website, supporting both SEO and UX (user experience).
  • It’s no good inviting people into a room (or in this case a website) unless you get them past the door and are able to move around the space comfortably!
  • For L’una Design’s smart and appealing new website, this involved smooth navigation and use of powerful images to highlight the company’s superb credentials.
  • Having such a powerfully effective digital presence would serve to attract new homeowners to L’una Design. However, it would also help the company to widen its prestigious network of suppliers and subcontractors, as part and parcel of its commitment to fresh ideas and room remodelling innovation.

The Outputs

  • One glance at the new L’una Design website shows that the style, visual appeal and brand identity are all perfectly placed.
  • However, room designs need to be practical and purposeful, as well as beautiful - as do websites! L'una's new website is already proving effective.
  • L’una Design now appears consistently high on Google page rankings, and first when people search for ‘Kitchens in Cheltenham’.
  • As a result, the client has seen an attractive 55% increase in its organic website traffic, within just one month.
  • Now that paints a very pretty picture for this interior design company’s chances of profitable growth!

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