6 Digital Marketing Trends
Digital Marketing

6 of the Latest Marketing Trends

By Angie at Factory Pattern Marketing. Yes, the word that makes some business owners break out into a sweat. But it really doesn’t need to be scary. First of all, a great internet marketing strategy always makes for a speedy and efficient solution. The results are instant and fairly inexpensive to achieve. Your online marketing […]

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Web Development

So why should I be using WordPress?

WordPress is no longer just a platform for blogs and small businesses only, WordPress’ 3.0 Thelonius release is establishing the platform as an enterprise-class content management system. Even some of the biggest brands are now publishing their websites on the platform; such as People Magazine, Wall Street Journal, NYTimes, Flickr, Ben and Jerry’s, Samsung, Playstation, […]

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Content Marketing, Digital Marketing

The Amount of Online Activity in a Minute

Want to know how big and how fast the internet is? This infographic from Qmee shows the amount of online activity that goes on every 60 seconds. 2 million searches on Google, 72 hours of videos uploaded onto YouTube, 42 thousands post every second and 1.8 million likes on Facebook, and 204 million emails sent every minute! View […]

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Which website?
Web Design

Which Website is Right For Me?

By now, most companies understand that they need a website. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a company that would disagree. However, most don’t understand exactly why they need a website, and how they can improve their business performance with it. The result is that most companies copy what others seem to be […]

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