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How to keep visitors on your website

Bounce rates can be the bane of your existence. After investing considerable sums in a fabulous looking website, it’s frustrating to realise that visitors are clicking away far too quickly, far too often.You have around 15 seconds to grab and hold the attention of website traffic. Most site visitors will stay less than that. Your […]

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Best tools to make infographics and is it still worth doing?

Did you know that 93% of all human communication is visual? We process and store visual references significantly quicker than spoken or written information. Which means for marketing purposes, all forms of imagery are important, including infographics! This article explains infographics and investigates if they’re still worth the effort. It’s safe to say that nearly […]

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New year 2020
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A New Year, what should you update on your website

The need to keep your website fresh and dynamic is now universally appreciated. What updates should you do for the New Year, to make sure your digital profile provides measurably good results, constantly in 2020? The imperative to regularly update security features on your website never gets old! You should also consider getting back to […]

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1. Why you should keep updating your website
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Why you should keep updating your website

Quick! Think of some random piece of industry news, cobble together a blog, then upload it! There, you’ve got a website that’s constantly updated. Job done. Or is it? Let’s explore the importance of why you should keep your website updated regularly. Which is worse; a website full of news from 2012 or a website […]

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Content Marketing in Digital Agency
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Use Content Marketing to Boost Online Sales

Bringing prospects to your website can be achieved in a variety of ways and it’s usually a blend of different digital marketing methods that really does the trick. One of the best methods is content marketing and here’s how it helps you boost online sales. Content marketing, a great digital marketing method and a key component […]

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