Website Content That Sells

Good web page content is believed to be the most deciding factor in achieving optimal organic rankings; if that is the case, it then makes sense that content is the king for a web site. Source:


There seem to be countless tips out there to increase the effectiveness of your website content. The basics of creating effective content are keeping it simple, objective and offer it up in bite size chunks. Wether you’re blogging or involved in website content marketing, here’s a guide on how to stimulate your readers and get them engaged.

A website is not a book, nor is it a glossy magazine or corporate business plan. A website is the electronic equivalent of fast food; instantaneous and easily digested. Source:

Web readers are a tricky bunch, they’re quick to jump from one site to the next, so ensuring your content is both fresh and relative is not easy.

A variety of content

The most common content is obviously copy, but it’s important to include other types of content such as images, video, etc. Breaking down your blog posts, articles or web pages with different types of content will not only engage readers but will encourage them to share your articles, blog posts or web pages. The added benefit of content variety is that it will increase your search engine optimisation (SEO).


When I’m planning content for the web, the strategy I find works is to summarise the content in the first intro, letting readers know what to expect. This hooks them in and gets the taste buds tingling.

Keeping readers hooked

Once your readers are hooked the next thing to do is to keep them curious, this could be done by asking leading questions that keep them guessing. For example if I was talking about responsive web design I’d ask “Not many people view websites via the mobile web, do they?”. Or, hit them with a statistic “By 2014 mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage”.

Summing it up

Once you’ve planned your content, added variety and got your readers hooked, remember to sum up your content with the point you want to make. So, here’s a sum up of this post. Effective content will bring your website or blog to life, engage readers and encourage them to take action, whether that action is to promote your business, or provoke readers to share your thoughts.

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