Speeding up the Factory

It’s our thinking that all websites should come with a “Common Sense” amount of Search Engine Optimisation. In our minds, a well structured, well built website should rank well in a search engine.

Website Speed

Google wants their customers to get through to great content but that’s only part of the puzzle. As far back as April 2010 SEO blogs were reporting page load speed has an impact on rankings.

With this in mind, we’re always looking at ways to speed up the websites we host and maintain for our clients. As this is the case, we’ve installed Google’s PageSpeed Module. PageSpeed automatically performs optimisation on all websites on a server, so installation is all it takes to improve all website load times on the server.

Bottom line, since installing we’ve seen websites load up to 50% faster.

If you’d like to see your website go faster drop us a line on the contact page.